How To Cut Your Own Hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Cutting your own hair has been pretty common nowadays. This can be seen on viral videos on the internet and even some of your friends do this. Now what’s with the entire craze with cutting your own hair? Obviously you would get the following advantages:

Advantages Of Cutting Your Own Hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair

  • Huge money saver

We all know how salons can be very expensive so cutting your hair at home would save up a lot of money. Even more when you have practiced the art of haircutting and styling!

  • Getting the exact haircut you really want

Remember the look on your face after seeing yourself in the mirror and you get the haircut that you didn’t expect unfortunately? You have to smile and say thanks to your stylist but deep inside you’re crying because it wasn’t the haircut you want. But with cutting your own hair, this won’t be a problem.

  • Saves time, gives much control plus you can cut at the convenience of your home

This is pretty much self-explainable.

  • Great addition to your skills

Now that you know the pros of trimming your own hair, I bet you are already excited to get started! But few important things should be acquired first and these are:

The Tools

A Quality Hair Clipper

How to Cut Your Own Hair

I’ve seen a lot of people grumbling about their personal clippers biting them, breaking, chewing on their hair, rusting and etc. The number one probable cause is that they have purchased a low quality hair clipper. You don’t need the unnecessary hassle of going through low quality clippers; one must invest with good clippers that would do the job well in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong, good hair clippers don’t need to cost a lot but it doesn’t mean you need to pay more or less than what you deserve. The barber clipper should have guards along with it.

A Comb And A Pair Of Styling Scissors

This is optional only if you have long hair and you want to cut it short.

Hair Thinning Scissors (Optional)

This is recognizable with its serrated edge. Add this to your toolset if you want to add texture to your hair by removing the thicker hair or simply blending hair ends. This is more applicable for those with bangs or those who want bangs.

Two Mirrors

One big mirror to place on the front and the other is a hand mirror to hold

Hair Cutting Cape

Consider The Hairstyle That You Want

How to Cut Your Own Hair

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Be sure to choose the right haircut that you want and if it suits with your face shape. A round shape would need some fullness on the top of the head. The hair near the cheekbones should be trimmed shorter. For a heart shaped face, volume should be added in close proximity to the cheek bones. If you have a square-faced shape opt for some bangs.

You can even add some curls on the side. The luckiest face shape would be an oval one as almost every hairstyle goes with this face shape. Check the magazines or the internet for the latest hairstyles and tips to know and apply.

Now That Everything Is Set, It Is Time To Start Some Serious Sutting!

1. Washing And Detangling

First things first, your hair should be damp. You can spray down from the roots to the tips or shower first and then towel it dry. For long hair, detangle it with a brush or a wide toothed comb. If your hair is short simply use a wide toothed comb to remove all the tangles.

2. Sectioning

Divide your hair into equal parts, this is also known as sectioning. Do it first by running the comb from the top of your forehead and across to the nape of the neck. Do this on both sides as equally as possible. If you are struggling with your long hair, make use of clips to hold the sides and top section away from each other.

3. Haircutting

How to Cut Your Own Hair

It’s time to start the haircut!

a, Set the professional hair clippers in small setting guard, this will allow you to apply more control especially with how much hair to cut and the area which you are cutting. This is where the role of hair clippers comes in. Barber clippers or the best hair clipper are actually ideal for beginners. Wear ear tapers to protect your ears from nasty cuts. This will especially aid you in trimming around and your ears.

b, Begin with a side of your head. Cut from the bottom of the hair on the side and into the top. Remember to tilt the hair clipper’s blade at the right angle to make an even trim for the rest of the hair. Go against the grain of your hair because this will give you a clean cut.
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c, Now that the sides are done, proceed to the back of your head. Start from the bottom and move to the top, as you did with the sides of your head. If you find this very difficult, opt to have another mirror at the back or get a friend to hold a mirror behind your head so that you can monitor your progress. Since this is a simple haircut done at home, always use the same length guard.

d, Cutting the lower half of your hair would require you a shorter setting for the hair clippers. This would allow you for a more even fade in between cuts. As you move to the earlobes and the temples, lift the hair and work slowly and carefully for a more even fade.

e, Move to the top of your head and cut using styling scissors. Using this instead of hair clippers will allow you to make cuts that are more accurate and a hair with more texture. Styling scissors are often found online or in hair care shops. Never ever use regular scissors to cut your hair or you will only make bad results.

f, Raise your hair using your fingers, but if your hair is shorter, opt to use a comb. Trim carefully as you cut in small sections to make an even and clean cut. Do you know that trims from the top of your hair are actually more recognizable than the trims made on the back and the sides? So always trim as little as much as possible. The limit should be less than an inch or 2.5 cm every cut. We all know some haircutting nightmares resulting from cutting impatiently so it would be helpful to extend your patience on this DIY. Moreover, the top of the head is very sensitive so slowly and carefully proceed with the cuts.

g, If you have bangs, do some careful trimming with styling scissors. Cutting bangs will still need sectioning so do this for and brush your bands on each section. Lastly, do the trimming.

h, Alright, now it’s time to do some finishing touches. First focus on the sideburns. Using safety clippers, trim the sideburns. For a longer sideburn, start below the ears. If you want shorter sideburns, make the depression on your cheekbone and landmark for the ends of your sideburns. To check if the sideburns are even after trimming, simply place your fingers underneath and feel the thickness.

i, Do proper blending with the top hair and your sides by combing the top of your hair across and down to the sides. Vertically hold your clippers and cut into the corners if there are any bulk hairs.

j, With your hair clippers, cut the hair on the nape of your neck. Begin trimming at the top of the neckline then graze carefully as you progress to the nape. With a handheld mirror, check the neckline to ensure that you did good tapering; it should be even and neat.

4. Wash And Style

Immediately rinse your hair to clean off any stray hair that may remain on your head and shoulders. Shampoo well and condition. Rinse off the conditioner and towel dry. Part and style your hair the way you want it too.

This is the part where you will see the final result of your efforts. If you are happy with the results, good for you. But if not, then it’s time to get help from a professional hairstylist to make changes. Remember that mistakes are a part of life, what matters is you find the right solution for them.

Final Thought

That’s it, I hope you find this step by step article on how to cut your hair useful. Remember that some steps may vary depending on the haircut that you want so it would also be useful to consider how those styles would go.

This guide is only for general haircut and not for a specific hairstyle, meaning it is only for a basic cut. Do you find this article helpful? Or do you have any more to add? Feel free to comment below.

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